Romantic Love Poetries

Love Poetries-9

I am the sand,
You are the sea.
All of your love
Washes over me.

I am the moon,
You are the sun.
In the universe
We're united as one.

I am the air,
You are the wind.
You blow in happiness
That only love can send.

You are the soil,
I am the rose.
With caring and tenderness
Our relationship grows.

You are the mind,
I am the heart.
I know we will never
Be too far apart.


You're on my mind day and night
When I think about the times we shared it seems so right
Dinner and movies, shopping at the mall
I have to admit I do miss it all

Now that you are gone
I am so lost and I have no clue
I just don’t understand
I don’t know what to do

Words can’t explain how I feel about you
Only god in heaven knows how I do
All my life I sacrificed for you
I just can help how much I love you

You made me feel oh so sweet
The way you used to kiss me
And rub my feet

So goodbye for now
But not for good
I hope you will comeback to me
I just wish you would

You worked your art
You spun a web
Around my heart
How beautifully
Your deeds have spread
Each intricately
Woven thread
With strands of care
You dried my tears
Your gentleness
Dispelled my fears
Your wisdom
Helped me understand
And patiently
You held my hand
To give me courage
To brave the storm
With kindness
You have kept me warm
Your passion
Lit a glowing fire
That filled my soul
With sweet desire
You're all
That I was dreaming of
For the web you spun
Was made of love.


I never asked for this feeling
I never thought I would fall
I never knew how I felt
Till the day you were gone
I was lost
I wasn't looking for love

How can you take things so easily
Baby why aren't you missing me?
Why did I act like you mattered
It was silly of me to believe

I hate what you have done
Made me fall so deep in love
You're the only one I want
I miss you so much!!!!!


When walking through the garden one day I
meandered past the tree of life when I
became enamored by the most divine
dark Rose that nature ever fashioned. So
astounding was the Rose that I was robbed
of speech and breath. I fell onto my knees
and stared until my eyes did hurt. The poor
dark rose had suffered lack of proper care,
resulting in an inert outer shell.
I took great care removing petals scarred
from winter’s callous touch. I was amazed
to see inside the tantalizing pink,
dew covered flower open fore my eyes.
A sight so wondrous cannot pass without
adverse effects for those perhaps unlucky,
perhaps most opportune of all. I knelt,
bereft of voice, devoid of breath, and blind;
the Rose, its beauty now replenished, took
great pity on this wretched soul of mine.
Perhaps it was the wind, perhaps it was
celestial intervention, maybe Earth
itself began to shake; you may believe
whatever you decide but as I felt
the Rose incline in my direction I
knew then as I know now no forces were
at play that fateful moment save the Rose
exerting her own will. She chose to give
herself to me that day. When I felt her
soft petals touch my hand, and smelled the dew
that flowed onto my fingers, life became
completely clear. I knew my purpose on
this planet was to find this Rose and love
her evermore. Caressing her long stem,
I felt her shudder faintly as I heard
upon the wind a sigh of consummate
contentment. Leaning in to kiss the Rose,
to taste the sweet ambrosia at her core,
I knew that we were of one mind, brought
together by the strong embrace of love.
As I grasped her roots and pulled her from
the only home that she had ever known,
I promised her that never more would she
endure the harsh effects of winter’s grip.
We walked together down the path that leads
I know not where. It matters not, for we,
together, will abide whatever fate
has planned for us. Forever.